Sleep care that's always on - so you can finally turn off

Sleep care that's always on - so you can finally turn off

River provides proven, clinical care to restore your relationship with sleep and enhance your overall health.

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Troubled Sleep

Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation

Get to the bottom of your sleepless nights

From cloudy days to endless nights, living with insomnia or sleep deprivation can make you feel out-of-sync with everyday life. Start River’s digital sleep improvement program to help reset your habits, mindset, and anything else keeping you from restful sleep.

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What is CBTi?

Restructuring your mind for better sleep

River's digital sleep improvement program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBTi), which combines cognitive restructuring, behavioral interventions, and psychoeducational content to train your brain to sleep better.

CBTi is considered the “gold standard” of insomnia treatment by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and ~80% of CBTi patients have significant improvement in symptoms. That’s why we use it as the foundation for our digital sleep improvement program.

Energize your workforce


Energize your workforce

When people are exhausted, it's harder for them to stay focused and think clearly. We partner with companies who want to keep their people at their best.

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    $411 billion

    The cost of sleep disorders due to reduced productivity and increased healthcare utilization
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    $31 billion

    The cost of workplace accidents and errors due to employee fatigue
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    5 times

    More likely to suffer from depression or other behavioral health disorders
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The benefits of sleep

River gives you more than sweet dreams

increased energy

Increased energy

For more lively days and focused work

Decreased stress hormones

Decreased stress hormones

For a calmer mind and anxiety relief

Improved holistic health

Improved holistic health

For weight support, heart health, and more

River Care Team

We don’t hit the lights until you do

Get ongoing support from experts who will answer your questions and adjust your treatment until it works for you.


Dr. Joshua Roland

MD, FAASM, Medical Director


Laura Avilez

Respiratory Therapist


Dr. Asim Roy

MD, Medical Advisor


Dr. Corrie Mazzeo

PsyD, CBTi Expert

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